Demo Program Features

Anthian's end-to-end, customized demo programs include:

  • › 100% accountable demo inventory management: no lost or wasted demos
  • › Manufacturer-branded demo Web site: your name stays top of mind
  • › Secure login: customer privacy and information confidentiality is assured
  • › Online order entry by computer or mobile device: ordering is fast, convenient
  • › Same-day shipping: demos reach customers fast
  • › Demo product quality assurance: your standards are always met
  • › Customer correspondence: orders, shipping and returns are confirmed
  • › Demo customer tracking: sales leads are maximized
  • › Demo returns management: optimizes demo inventory needs and lowers costs
  • › Robust online reporting for all key metrics: track customers, orders and demos instantly
  • › Real time online graphs of program results: easily and instantly measure program success

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