You could manage your own demo program. But experience has shown that in self-managed demo programs, demo products are not always accounted for, customer opportunities may not be tracked, and demo product return rates can be as low as 20 to 40 percent of all shipments. That leaves a lot of inventory costs on the table. Self-managed programs are more than just inefficient and expensive, they put administrative responsibilities on your sales staff that distract from their main job: selling.

Anthian is your turnkey demo solution. Our customized, comprehensive demo programs get your newest products into the hands of decision makers quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. They keep your product moving, lower your costs and drive more sales. Our customer demo return rates average 95% offering you the comparative savings and efficiencies to be even more aggressive with your demo program objectives. If your goal is to distinguish your sales team, utilize industry leading sales tools and maximize the effectiveness of your demo program, let Anthian handle it. No one does demos better.

drive more sales, lower your costs